Subject: Re: booting vs2000
To: Stephen PEARCE <>
From: Maftoum / Karl Joseph (ISE) <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/1997 09:57:12
On Sun, 2 Feb 1997, Stephen PEARCE wrote:
> 	A group of us here have acquired some vaxstars (vaxstation 2000).
> They came with 1/2 of ultrix on them which is not v. useful
> (I think they get the other 1/2 from a server to which they are no longer
> attached).

You're lucky you got an OS at all :-)

> 	Moreover i am not quite sure what to do with
> these binaries when i get them. We can easily fit a 1.2 M
> floppy drive into the box for the purpose of
> booting, but how do you write the boot and root images on to
> floppies in the first place.

Don't bother, boot it remotly with mopd-linux, can you hook up the 2000's 
to the linux box via ethernet? if so then you can use mopd to boot them 
(well you can on a 3100, correct me somebody if i'm wrong).

> 	I suppose it is sacreligous to mentionit here .. but 
> in my vain attempts to find a os that will allow me to boot the 
> &%$#@! thing I ran across openvms ... is this open like in linux ..?
> how do you get a hold of it without paying more for it than the
> hardware (i.e. not much) .. can you then use the box as a Xterminal?
> etc

netBSD, ultrix and VMS are your only options, VMS & Ultrix are 
commercial, there has been talk of a linux port, but there is really no 
point because of the availability of netBSD....



Karl Maftoum
Computer Engineering Student at the University of Canberra, Australia