Subject: booting vs2000
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Stephen PEARCE <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/02/1997 01:13:29
	A group of us here have acquired some vaxstars (vaxstation 2000).
They came with 1/2 of ultrix on them which is not v. useful
(I think they get the other 1/2 from a server to which they are no longer
	I have been working my way thru the netbsd/vax stuff
but have not found any specific binaries for the vs2000
despite mention of support for this box.
	Moreover i am not quite sure what to do with
these binaries when i get them. We can easily fit a 1.2 M
floppy drive into the box for the purpose of
booting, but how do you write the boot and root images on to
floppies in the first place.
	The system I have been used to in the past is linux,
and rawrite .. is there an equivalent system for these.
	Also .. I have been rather unsuccessful in finding
much tech info on them .. there is the mvax_faq ..but it deals with
all microvaxes .. I was looking for something like an in depth
discussion of the video side of things .. and a system description
which would make explicit the internal workings in sufficient detail
to allow further development on the netbsd distribution for the
	I suppose it is sacreligous to mentionit here .. but 
in my vain attempts to find a os that will allow me to boot the 
&%$#@! thing I ran across openvms ... is this open like in linux ..?
how do you get a hold of it without paying more for it than the
hardware (i.e. not much) .. can you then use the box as a Xterminal?