Subject: Re: formatting with VS2000
To: David Bobart <>
From: Mats O Jansson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/01/1997 12:05:24
On Sat, 1 Feb 1997, David Bobart wrote:

> I have been reading this list for some time and I have started to work on
> making my VAXen useful. Here is my situation:
> I have a VS 3500 with a RA70 that spins up but then makes a weird
> "spitting" noise (how descriptive). I also have 2 VS 2000's that are
> screaming to be used as disk formatters. So....
Hmm, I think I have bad news. To my knowledge you can't use RA-disks on a 
VS2000. The only supported kind of disks is RD-disks. 
> I have the RA70 attached to one VS 2000 and powered up. Test 70 and Test 71
> are both commands that are useful, but not if you have no other info (and I
> have none). Test 70 would yield:
I really cant understand how you could fit a DSA-kabel (a black one) 
anyware on a VS2000. Look close on the first line of output "RDRXfmt",
it's a format for RD and RX devices (where RX is floppy). You are out of 

> KA410-A RDRXfmt
> VSfmt_QUE_unitno (0-2) ?		(pretty obvious choices here)
> If I type 2 for example I get ....
> VSfmt_QUE_RXmedtyp
> (1=RX33) ?
> I know nothing about the RA70 other than its formatted capacity. What do I
> type here? What commands are useful with the VS 2000 console to give me
> information about the computer cause "help h ?" aren't very helpful. Boot
> is a given, but that definitely won't work. So, any advice would be
> appreciated.
What you need is some type of service diagnostics capabel of formation 
RA-disks, either in VMS or standalone.

> Thanks in advance.
> -Dave Bobart
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