Subject: RE: Vaxstation 3100???
To: 'port-vax@NetBSD.ORG' <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/27/1996 17:02:27
I've tried to boot several different VAXen from the NetBSD-1.2 TK50
install tape just to see if I could get as far as starting edlabel or

It worked fine on a MicroVAX 3300 (but couldn't access any DSSI RFxx
disks, of course) but didn't boot at all on a VAXstation 3100/38 (with
jumpers set to "server" mode, i.e. to use the first serial port as
OPA0:). After I entered B/3 MKB500 it just hung forever. Not a big
surprise, I just had to try when I saw all the nice configuration
options in the -current kernel config file... ;-)

Anywho, what I'd really like to see now is support for the MicroVAX
3300/3400 DSSI and ethernet. In my opinion this is more important than
the 3100 as the 3300/3400 is still a "real" VAX with QBUS and all. The
3100 is too much like a PC and I already have NetBSD/i386 installed on a
PC. I might be biased by the fact that I have several 3300 and 3400
machines just sitting around while my company's 3100 is still occupied
with running VMS for the time being... ;-)

But seriously, is anyone working on support for the onboard DSSI and
ethernet for the 3300/3400? If not, why not simply ask Digital for their
Ultrix source code? They don't market Ultrix any more and it is after
all "BSD-ish" so it should provide at least a starting point for a
NetBSD port...? Or would that be cheating? ;-)


Gunnar Helliesen   | Bergen IT Consult AS  | NetBSD/VAX on a uVAX II
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>From: 	Bertram Barth[]
>Sent: 	27. november 1996 12:06
>To: 	Anders Magnusson
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>Subject: 	Re: Vaxstation 3100???
>Yes and No.
>I've never seen a 3100/10 or 3100/20 thus I can't say for sure.
>But from what I've read the KA420 board in these machines seems
>to be not too different from the KA410 in the VS2000. Thus it
>might be possible that -current works on these machines with
>no or minimal changes. Things are different for other models,
>esp. for 3100/76 (KA43).
>Last time I tried I couldn't manage to compile a bootable floppy
>for VS2000, so at the moment I can't help with any boot-media for
>3100s for test-purposes.
>	bertram