Subject: Re: 1.2 Alpha on a Microvax II
To: Jeremy A. Rosengren <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/17/1996 22:52:06
> >I have experienced the same problem.  I really believe that the current
> >distribution is botched somehow.  I got a netbsd image from robin from
> >england that he built.  I used a 1.1 kernel to bring up mini-root and
> >ftp'd it from another of my machines.  This 1.2 kernel works fine.
> Now, if we'd only hear from the people who are working on it   *smile*
Maybe you mean me :-) Unfortunately I haven't had almost any time 
the last months to do some real hacking, and I'm not sure that the
-current MSCP routines are stable yet. The problem with kernel
crashes when booting in 1.2 seems to have disappeared anyway because
of the change of come console dependent code. it will probably take
until after Chrismas before I can start hacking again.

-- Ragge