Subject: RE: Problems with tk50 image dated Jun 30
To: 'Thomas S. Traylor' <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/16/1996 23:05:05
I already have the machine up and running with 1.1B. I wanted to get it
up with the "release" of 1.2 which is what I suppose most new NetBSD/VAX
users will try to install. I tried to go through the whole install
process from scratch in an effort to check every step in the FAQ and
update as necessary.

Since 1.2 is a release it would be nice if it was working... ;-)


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>From: 	Thomas S. Traylor[]
>Sent: 	16. november 1996 18:54
>To: 	Gunnar Helliesen
>Subject: 	Re: Problems with tk50 image dated Jun 30
>On Fri, 15 Nov 1996, Gunnar Helliesen wrote:
>> I never saw an answer to this question, did I miss anything? The reason 
>> I'm asking is that I'm trying to update the FAQ to version 1.2 of NetBSD.
>I used an older version of the tk50-file*.  The version I used can be
>found at in /pub/os/NetBSD/old-vaxport-stuff.