Subject: Panic when installing 1.2
To: NetBSD/VAX Port <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/15/1996 17:50:27
OK, a little update on my previous post:

(To recap: I'm using the Oct-23 1.2 TK50 files)

The 1.2_ALPHA kernel on the install miniroot reports the correct info 
about my controller and disk when booting.

The install miniroot obviously has no gennetbsd kernel, it's called 
netbsd. I've updated the FAQ to reflect this, but isn't gennetbsd really 
a better name for this kernel?

The kernel boots fine until it asks for the root device to mount. I've 
tried using both raN* and raNb (where N is the disk unit number) without 
luck. The kernel panics with the same message as Thomas S. Traylor 
reported earlier:

root device? ra0*
WARNING: Clock has gained 136 days - CHECK AND RESET THE DATE.
Preserved 3687 blocks of miniroot leaving 258457 pages of swap
Segv in kernel mode: rv 1
Trap: type c, code 0, pc 800158b3, psl 4150004
P0BR 80653000   P1BR 7fe4c800   P0LR     149a   P1LR   1fff00
KSP  83043758   ISP  80148aec   USP  7fffddf0
R0          0   R1   81ceb140   R2          0   R3   81ceb140
R4   ffffffff   R5         15   R6   81ceb100   R7         14
R8   80098dcc   R9   81cf2a00   R10  83043760   R11  830437b4
FP   80148b88   AP   80148b9c   PC   800158b3   PSL   4150004
panic: trap: adr 0
Stopped at      0x80091b08:     bbs     $6, 60(r6), 0x80091b10

Now what?


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