Subject: Re: Problems with tk50 image dated Jun 30
To: Thomas S. Traylor <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/15/1996 17:30:57
On Sun, 20 Oct 1996, Thomas S. Traylor wrote:

> I just aquired a VAXServer 3500 and I'm trying to install NetBSD on it
> using the June 30 TK50 1.2beta images. Here are the troubles I'm having.
> 1. After copying minroot to the swap partition I tell it to boot
> gennetbsd. It cannot find gennetbsd.  Where is it?  Is it missing from the
> image that I'm using? (See attached) 
> 	Nboot
> 	: ra(0,1)gennetbsd
> 	No such file or directory
> 2. If I tell it to boot netbsd instead and then tell it to use ra0* as the
> root device it panics. (See attached)
> I've installed NetBSD on several MVIIs (ka630), so I'm certain that I have
> the steps down.  Any suggestions? Ideas?  

I never saw an answer to this question, did I miss anything? The reason 
I'm asking is that I'm trying to update the FAQ to version 1.2 of NetBSD.

I tried installing (from scratch) using the Oct-23 files in 
NetBSD-1.2/vax/install/tk50 :

-r--r--r--   1 root     ftp       262144 okt 23 18:42 tk50-file1-12
-r--r--r--   1 root     ftp      2097152 okt 23 18:42 tk50-file2-12

and get _exactly_ the same problems as Thomas. I see from his screendump 
that the Oct-23 1.2 files include the same 1.2_Alpha kernel as the 
June-30 files does. Could this be caused by a bug in the kernel?

My hardware is a uVAX II with 9 MB RAM which has been running NetBSD/VAX 
1.1 fine (except from the occasional "page not in pmap" crash) up until 


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