Subject: Re: DEC MicroVAX 3100 diagnostic codes
To: Todd Mailandt <>
From: Robert Smith <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/28/1996 11:15:00
I will look for my docs for 3100 but I believe they are in work
If I don't see an answer posted via the list server, I will zap
you back.

Point of order: This is a most helpful list.  Your question is
most appropriate - lots of 3100/3xxx vaxen are now becoming more
available and you just happen to be near the leading edge.

Look, I too 27 tries to get NetBSD on my uVaxII - and I asked 
lots and lots of questions, got MANY great pieces of advice, and
got it up and running on that 27th try.

Anything that can help any of us get BSD up and running - from
power requirements for running a system to what kind of controllers 
are supported in VMS and how they work versus BSD - has been on this
list at least once.  Some things have been on more than once
cause things were not satisfactorily solved - like some RD53s and how
they react to edlabel!  and async drivers, and scsi mscp emulators,
and so on.

Really, this is a great bunch of folks and they ALL try to help!