Subject: Re: It lives!!!
To: Gunnar Helliesen <>
From: Jim Bender <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/20/1996 04:21:18
On Tue, 16 Apr 1996, Gunnar Helliesen wrote:

> On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Jonathan Sturges wrote:
> > Hi Jim...
> >
> > On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Jim Bender wrote:
> > > You can add to the list of controllers that DO work the Sigma/Webster
> > > RQD11-EC...   No problems so far.   (reaching for wood to knock on...)
> > >
> > > No joy with the Emulex QD21 or the Emulex DM02.  Both cause the miniroot
> > > to die in the same place (when it is getting the disk name).
> >
> > (Gunnar, is this info part of your FAQ?)
> No, but is the jury in yet on the QD21?

Well, the verdict appears to be that the Emulex product DOES NOT work
here.  This is in spite of the fact that others have reported success
with the Emulex units.

Just now completed the wonderful task of swapping controllers between
the NetBSD machine and the VMS machine.  Most unpleasant.  Required
a lot of backup/restore action...  Not fun at all.  Good thing we
had a "real" Vax with oodles of disk space (a 8800 w/16 RA90's) or
we'd have been in trouble...  :-)   TK50==forget it!  In the end, even 
though the controllers are not in the machines I want(ed) them in, we now
have both up and running.  The Emulex board lives on in the VMS box,
and the SIGMA controller gives life to the NetBSD box...  
> BTW, I'm using a Sigma SDC-RQD11-SCSI kontroller in my uVAX II with a
> Seagate Wren VII (1 GB) disk. Works like a charm.

Apparently SIGMA did the MSCP emulation *RIGHT* or at least better than
Emulex did...  Any extras of the SCSI controllers?  Would like to eventually
move away from the ESDI disks...

I'm still wondering why the Emulex works with NetBSD in some machines but
not ours...    Any thoughts?

> Gunnar
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