Subject: Re: It lives!!!
To: Jonathan Sturges <>
From: Gunnar Helliesen <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/16/1996 12:58:31
On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Jonathan Sturges wrote:

> Hi Jim...
> On Mon, 15 Apr 1996, Jim Bender wrote:
> > You can add to the list of controllers that DO work the Sigma/Webster 
> > RQD11-EC...   No problems so far.   (reaching for wood to knock on...)
> > 
> > No joy with the Emulex QD21 or the Emulex DM02.  Both cause the miniroot
> > to die in the same place (when it is getting the disk name).  
> (Gunnar, is this info part of your FAQ?)

No, but is the jury in yet on the QD21?

BTW, I'm using a Sigma SDC-RQD11-SCSI kontroller in my uVAX II with a 
Seagate Wren VII (1 GB) disk. Works like a charm.


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