Subject: Re: It lives!!!
To: None <,>
From: Johnny Billquist konsult <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/15/1996 16:33:54
> > Anyway, now that we are operational, I have a minor "clueless newbie"
> > type question to ask:  How do I get it to let me telnet into it as
> > root?  I can telnet in as a "normal" user, but it won't let me su...
> > My Suns don't complain in this manner (they just complain about everything
> > else  :-) )...   any ideas???   I'm sure it is something simple but 
> > my brain is so frazzled from the grueling NetBSD installation that I'm
> > probably just overlooking it...  
> You have to be a member of group 'wheel' to use su.

Well, that is true, but it's not exactly what he asked for... :-)

To log in as root, the terminal line you are using must be marked as
"secure" in /etc/ttytab. When you use telnet, you are coming in on
a network terminal. I'm not sure you can mark those as secure
in /etc/ttytab, but you can always dig around and see what you come up with...