Subject: VAX-11/750 and UNIBUS Cards
To: None <>
From: Garry Price <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/14/1996 20:36:33

I have a small quantity of VAX-11/750 processor and 1M Byte memory cards
plus some UNIBUS (Eg. DZ-11) cards to give away. Probably 50% of the
processor cards are dead, 90% of the memory cards should be good and I
don't know about the UNIBUS cards. These cards came out of scrapped VAX
and PDP-11 systems and the processor cards were used for card swapping to
resurect a couple of 750s. Do you know of anyone in Victoria 
(Australia) interested in this junk or should I just take it down the tip?

My ISP is having problems with News distribution therefore I haven't sent 
this out to the VAX or PDP-11 groups.

Garry Page