Subject: Re: Formatting drives
To: Roger Ivie <>
From: Kevin McQuiggin <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/11/1996 08:55:21
> > Is there any source of info as to what the formatted drive has to look 
> > like? I would be willing to write a program that does this.
> I would suggest asking Bertram. I senthim a description of the geometry 
> info and he has code running on a 2000; since he has code running he 
> presumably has a .h file with a structure definition. I haven't slogged 
> through the bad block table yet and I'm in a bit of a crunch at work at the 
> moment, so I don't know when I'll  be able to get to it. Since Bertram has 
> a spotless RD32, it's not in his critical path AFAIK. 

Well if Bertram has this info and can send it to me I'm willing to give 
it a go. I don't have his email either, I'll post to the list and hope he 
sees it.



Kevin McQuiggin VE7ZD