Subject: Re: Serial support
To: Holger B. Austinat <>
From: Jonathan Sturges <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/07/1996 23:56:02
On Sun, 7 Apr 1996, Holger B. Austinat wrote:

> Has anyone got serial support working?  On our uVax II (of course running
> 1.1A), the serial cards (two DHV-11) are properly detected, the devices
> were created with MAKEDEV (ttyS0-ttySf), and the attached terminal is
> working. 
> But we can't get any data sent on serial lines.  Can someone who has 
> working serial support tell us exactly what he did?

I'm using modems, not terminals, so once I got this far I built C-Kermit 
190 and tried talking to the modem; I had no problems.

Check these things out:
1)  Make sure that the port you *think* is ttyS0 really is.  I was 
confused about this at first, so I guessed.  And the first time, I 
guessed wrong.  I had the modem in ttyS3, I think.  The cab kit isn't 
marked.... :(
2)  Make sure your cabling to the terminal is kosher (watching the 
handshaking and all).
3)  Turn the ports 'on' in /etc/ttys, and make sure their corresponding 
/etc/gettytab entry is correct.  If you change the /etc/ttys and/or 
/etc/gettytab files, make sure you either reboot or do a 'kill -HUP 1' 
for the changes to take effect.

good luck,