Subject: Re: Is there an ULTRIX version of the NetBSD/vax disklabel program?
To: Matt Thomas <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/04/1996 11:33:27
> I have 4 RD54s on the system I want to install NetBSD/VAX and
> ULTRIX is already running on it.  I'd like to just disklabel
> (and write boot blocks to) one of the idle RD54s and then dd the
> miniroot on to it...
There are (almost) no Ultrix support in the miniroot at all, 
but you can do something like this to do an easy installation:

- chpt the disk under Ultrix with some reasonable partition sizes.
  Remember the exact offsets of all partitions.
- Grab the two TK50 install files.
- dd the first file onto the a partition and the second file onto
  the b partition.
- Boot up from this newly created disk, B/3 DUA2 or whatever.
- When you get the Nboot prompt, give edlabel as argument.
  Now label the disk with _exactly_ the same parameters as you
  gave under Ultrix, so that you get the same disk offsets.
- Boot up again, now give ra(2,1)gennetbsd, or something, and you
  should be in the miniroot. Voila!

I haven`t tried this, but it should work :-)

-- Ragge