Subject: Re: Kernel build: missing file
To: Kevin McQuiggin <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 04/04/1996 11:08:06
> Hi all:
> I am trying to build a new kernel. A file seems to be missing. It's
> in_cksum.c in ...arch/vax/vax. I just pulled sys.tar off of the
> ftp server a few days ago.
> I don't have the disk space for a full source tree and so have only
> grabbed sys.tar, for /usr/src/sys. 
> Do I need any more source to compile a kernel? I also run FreeBSD,
> and in that environment /usr/src/sys is all that's needed for a new
> kernel build. 
I was noted a couple of days ago of this; the file had disappeared
because of some CVS trouble, but now it shall be available.

You should not need anything more that /usr/src/sys to recompile
the kernel; but if you have an old version of NetBSD you (of course)
have to update some binaries, like config, gcc, yacc etc...

What you may have to be aware of is the revision of the header files
that resides in /sys, in /usr/include the subdirs normally are copies
and you must be sure that they aren't changed. In the distributions
they are copies, but I personally keep them as symlinks to get around
this trouble. Just to change copies to symlinks in /usr/src/include/Makefile.
Another way to get around this is to add -nostdinc in the kernel Makefile.

-- Ragge