Subject: Re: connecting 780 to single phase power
To: Michel van der Laan <>
From: Jason Downs <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/28/1996 16:42:15
In message <>,
	"Michel van der Laan" writes:
>> And if you live here in Canada, you may get a surprise visit from your
>> friendly RCMP officer. A fairly popular hobby around here is the installatio
>> of hydroponic growth rooms for the production of hemp. The most common way
>> to get caught doing this is an unexplained increase in residential hydro use
>> which the local power company is required to report to the RCMP.
>> (Yep, those guys in the red jackets are our federal police force and do drug
>>  enforcement, among other things:-)
>> Anyhow, if it's just a vax you are running, you should be alright. (Hmm, may
>> that's a good cover?)
>Well, considering that from now on you can heat your entire house by means
>of one vax, as well as use it as a stove for cooking, that the vax will keep
>you from watching TV since you are too busy fiddling with it, your electric
>bill *might* just even out... 

Hey...  No joke.  My uVAX is a better apartment heating system then the
damned baseboards.  It saves me about $30/month.

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