Subject: uVax II is up, but with errors.
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Jonathan Sturges <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/28/1996 19:22:54
Hi everyone,
My MicroVAX II lives again!  Much thanks to Dave McGuire for his time, 
talents, and stash of old KA630 boards... :-)

Anyhow, the last day or so I've been customizing it and building stuff, 
etc.  Basically, things work OK, but the machine has crashed on me 
twice.  Here are the errors I got; both dumped me into the kernel debugger:

panic: ffs_inactive: locked inode
Stopped at      0x800741e8:     movl    0x80097e00, r0

...and then a few hours later (doing something completely different)...

panic: unwire: page not in pmap
Stopped at      0x8007a8dd:     *clrl   -(sp)

So what caused these, and is there anything I can do to fix 'em?  If it's 
something that's already been fixed, I probably don't have it.  I am 
running 1.1A, but I don't have sup running yet (I don't have the disk 
where I'm gonna nfs mount the source tree setup).

Also, when Dave helped me get the machine up, we spent a few minutes (not 
alot of time) trying to get the kernel to recognize my DHV11 card, but 
could not.  Anyone who's using a DHV11 w/ 1.1A, I'd love to hear what you 
did and/or what your settings are on your card... 

Also, maybe a sign of the death of my RD54... I got this today, too, but 
it didn't crash the system or anything:

uda0: soft error datagram: unit 0: small disk error, cyl 903: data error 
(uncorrectable ecc) (code 8, subcode 7)


thanks for any pointers...

PS- forgot to give my total hardware config:  KA630 CPU, single RD54 
disk, TK50, DELQA ethernet, DHV11 async. card, 9MB RAM.