Subject: Re: 3-phase (Re: non important question.)
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/27/1996 16:24:34
> > From Wed Mar 27 12:02:15 1996
> > 
> > The Q5 was mounted in a rack (sideways) and usually had a 9-track tape on 
> > top (TU-??) and one or two RA81s at the bottom. AFAIK it was also 
> > available with a 380V 3-phase power-supply. Definitely computer-room 
> > material, whereas the Q3 was made for normal "office" environments.
> > 
> > Gunnar
> Actually, a VAX with a 3-phase power connection is not a problem. A friend of
> mine got his big VAX going on his household 220 volt line by just jumping out
> the star connector in the power supply on the VAX. Works like a charm. If anyone
> is interested I can give you details. 
> We must not allow these beasts to be scraped! Too many hobbiests think they 
> can't use these big VAXen because of the power supplies, which is not actually
> true, as my friend has proven.
> Cheers,

Thats not the major problem (At least not i Sweden, because here most small 
houses actually got a 3-phase connector), the problem is heat and old 
disks. I am running a number of old VAXen with some friends, and we 
can do this since our old school lets us lend a basement with free 
water and electricity...  We have 2 x 6kW of watercooled aircoolers, 
and sometimes in the summers that isn't enough. Then you get the 
drive problems, old disks dont like to be overheated... :-( 

But if anyone has any ideas on how to run a 8600 or something similar 
at home, i would love to hear about it.

"> We must not allow these beasts to be scraped!"  ;-)

/Greets Chris