Subject: Re: MicroVAX I
To: Warner Losh <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/25/1996 17:47:45
On March 25, you wrote:
> That's good to hear.  I'm not sure how much memory is on this machine
> right now.  I don't even have a disk for it, but am pretty sure that I
> can use a regular old ST-506-1, right?  Also, is there an easy way for
> me to tell how much memory is there?  Also, I was thinking of using it
> for either a KDC for our kerberos realm, or as a SLIP gateway for my
> network.  Any problems with these two tasks?

  Well, assuming we can get NetBSD running on it...I wouldn't run it
as a slip gateway because of its limited I/O, unless you get a fast
serial board like a DHV or something.  As a KDC machine, it'll do
fine.  I just got Kerberos5 working under NetBSD/vax and it works
wonderfully except for a minor nit where it doesn't update utmp for
incoming authenticated telnets...but anyway it'll make a fine KDC...