Subject: Building a microVAX serial console cable
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Andrew Litt <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/25/1996 14:07:54
I picked up a VAXStation II at an auction about a month ago, and have
since managed to get it to run NetBSD/VAX. The biggest problem I had was
that I didn't get cables, a VR260, or a keyboard with this machine. I
spent quite a bit of time finding out how to use my PC as a console
terminal and someone sent me the pinouts of a VT220 port, which
incidentally is a null-modemed version of the uVAX printer port. Here is
my best ASCII rendition of the cable I came up with:

        uVAX DB9F                                           PC DB9F
shield  1                                                   +--1
RxD     2---------------------------------------------------(--2 
TxD     3---------------------------------------------------(--3 
CTS     4--+                                                |  4
           |                                                |  
DSR     5--+                          +---------------------(--5
           |                          |                     |
DTR     6--+                          |                     |  6
                                      |                     |
GND     7-----------------------------+                     +--7
Jumper  8--+                                                +--8
  for      |
console 9--+                                                   9

Lines that cross but do not make a connection are marked with a '(' at
their intersection.

I'm not sure that the definitions for pins 4,5, and 6 are correct, but I
have had no problems with keeping them shorted. I have had problems with
a couple of terminal programs on the PC (Minicom for Linux) not working
with the 7E1 that NetBSD switches to at the login prompt (or at least as
of V1.0, I got a terminal to use with my VAX since upgrading to 1.1A). 


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