Subject: Re: VAX GPX Cards
To: None <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/18/1996 15:19:17
On March 15, you wrote:
> I've gottten to day some cards from a uVAXII (GPX or so) and
> I have now a question about the M7555 RQDX3-AA controller
> for RX50,Rx33,RD50-54,RD31,RD32.
> What kind of interface has this controller ? MFM ESDI SCSI or what?
> How I must connect the drives (cabling), how can I format them ?

  MFM, plus floppy interface.  The rqdx3 was designed to be put into a
cabinet with an integral cable distribution system.  The ba23 chassis,
for example, has a distribution panel in the back of the drive bay
with connectors for two hard drives and a floppy drive.  This
distribution panel is connected to the rqdx3 by a single ribbon cable.

  There are "dummy" qbus cards (a card that plugs into the qbus but
only as a place to physically keep it steady) with the rqdx3 connector
on one side and the individual drive connectors on the other
side...but they're fairly rare.

> 4 cards that I couldn't identify, (the rest of the graphics modules)
> (2x2 cards) labeled VAXBI 3.1A and VAXBI  T1002 T1003 and so on.

  VAXBI?  Whoa...they've nothing to do with a MicroVAX-II.  I'll try
to look those up...sounds VAX8200-ish to me.

                           -Dave McGuire