Subject: Is it do-able, or am I crazy?
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Robert D Lubbers <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/18/1996 11:23:43
Thank you for allowing me to access this group.  The reason I subscribed 
is that I recently 'inherited' a MiniVAX 3100-80 running VMS 5.5-2, and I 
have to admit the news of a NetBSD port to the VAX architecture had me 

However, I am not very knowledgable about VAX hardware, and I couldn't 
find any of the devices mentioned in the supported hardware on my 
machine.  According to what I've been able to figure out, I have the 
following system configuration:

MicroVAX 3100 80 with a 630Q-47 (??) CPU.  It has 3 RZ25L SCSI drives 
attached (DKA100, DKA200, DKA300 - the boot device), a RRD42 CDROM drive, 
a TZK10 tape drive (MKA700 ??) and a TZ30 tape drive (MKA500).  It has 24 
megs of memory and all the standard VAX I/O ports.

Is it possible to run NetBSD on this machine?  It has no Q-Bus devices, 
and that gives me pause to consider...

Thank you for all responses.

Robert Lubbbers