Subject: VAX GPX Cards
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Holm Tiffe <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/15/1996 20:20:30
Hi all,
I've gottten to day some cards from a uVAXII (GPX or so) and
I have now a question about the M7555 RQDX3-AA controller
for RX50,Rx33,RD50-54,RD31,RD32.
What kind of interface has this controller ? MFM ESDI SCSI or what?
How I must connect the drives (cabling), how can I format them ?

I have installed in my uVAXII (Applicon Workstation) an DILOG SU726A
UNIBUS SCSI controller (with an QBUS-UNIBUS bridge) but it fails to boot.
(yes the disk is labeled correctly, may bee I'm a little bit to silly 
to get it working). I MUST boot with the TK50 tape, then the controller
works fine :-( .

My original controller, an EMULEX UC04 does'nt work with NetBSD
(Ragge was also not able to get it running, it works with ULTRIX an VMS).

Has anybody 1 QBUS SCSI controller for me, that is working  with NetBSD ?

I can give you:

1x M7546 QBUS TK50 controller
2x M7168 QBUS 4 plane graphics  (QDSS ?)
2x M7608 QBUS microVAX-2 4MB MOS RAM
1x M7606 QBUS KA630-AA CPU

4 cards that I couldn't identify, (the rest of the graphics modules)
(2x2 cards) labeled VAXBI 3.1A and VAXBI  T1002 T1003 and so on.

Last but not least the DILOG controller with documentaion.

Can anybody help me please ?

PS: sorry for my poor english
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