Subject: New snapshot report
To: None <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/15/1996 11:02:48
>From Fri Mar 15 01:07:11 1996
> I've just fixed a new snapshot of NetBSD/vax and uploaded it 
> to Compared to the previous it contains:
> - Support for MicroVAX 3600/3800/3900, VAX 11/780 and VAX 8600 systems.
> - Lots of bug fixes in the kernel.
> - Some new device drivers; like Massbus disks and DHU11 cards.
> Bootable images and miniroot files are created for TK50, RX50,
> RX33 and TU58, which would be enough for most systems.

  It came up fine on my MVII...then I yanked the cpu and ram out of a
MicroVAX 3300 (a ka640 board, mayfair II) and that came up fine as
well.  No action on the onboard DSSI or onboard ethernet; they don't
appear to act like a uda50 and delqa like I'd hoped. :)

  So I swapped in a ka660 and its ram board (I believe from a VAX 4000
model 200? also with 78332 chip at its core like the ka640)...Nice
board...but it didn't come up; complained about an "error 22" from the
bootstrap.  I'm running with the ka640 now, quite happily, and it's
very nice.  Thanks Ragge, for yet another job very well done!

                              -Dave McGuire