Subject: Re: Easy install?
To: Robert Smith <>
From: Dave McGuire <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/14/1996 00:22:42
On March 13, you wrote:
> Another bob question:
> (I want to bring up another uV running NetBSD, using RD54)
> Can I do a disklabel on another RD54 and then just do a dd from
> ra0 to ra1?
> (am I being dumb here or is this a slick way to dupe my drive, and
> bring up another system?)

  I wouldn't use dd...Here's what I'd do (what I _have_ done to dupe
my systems):

  Connect another drive to your system, say as ra1.  Use disklabel to
partition it and write your bootblock and stuff.  Use newfs to create
filesystems on your new partitions.

  Then...This is assuming you've followed the filesystem layout
guidelines in Ragge's early notes, and have root on ra0a, swap on
ra0b, and /usr on ra0e...Do this:

% mount /dev/ra0a /mnt
% cd /
% tar -clf - . | (cd /mnt; tar -xvBpf -)
[the files scroll by]
% mkdir /mnt/usr        /* <--- don't forget this!! */
% umount /mnt
% mount /dev/ra0e /mnt
% cd /usr
% tar -clf - . | (cd /mnt; tar -xvBpf -)
[the files scroll by]
% umount /mnt

  Then, I'd fsck both /dev/ra0a and /dev/ra0e just in case.  See
what's happening there?