Subject: Re: Trying to come online
To: None <>
From: Mike Young <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/11/1996 06:40:20
 > ...
 > My last attempt is complaining about something in lib/libkern/strcat.c.
 > Unfortunately, the error message escapes me, but I get stuff about 
 > the type of intrinsic routines beginning with 'mem'

	Yup. Seen this one. Try adding "-fno-builtin" to CFLAGS= in whichever
make file has the CFLAGS= token. Worked for me :-)

 > Is it supposed to be this much fun to build a new  kernel for NetBSD VAX?

	I'm beginning to think that's part of the appeal of NetBSD. I still
think, however, that Ragge has done a fine job putting together the vax port;
as we extend the port to other weird and wonderful models, the job can only
get tougher (right, Bertram? :-)

 > Roger Ivie

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