Subject: microvax II config
To: None <port-vax@NetBSD.ORG>
From: None <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/07/1996 10:50:35
Here are some module numbers off the top of my head (It's scary the useless
junk you end up storing in brain cells:-)

M7607-AA, M7608-AA, M7608-BA, M7608-CA
- memory cards, go in slot(s) immediately next to cpu card in slot 1. The
  M7607-AA is dual width and goes in the C-D slots, the rest are quad width.
  (There is a ribbon cable that connects the cpu and memory cards together.
   Max of two memory cards and 16Mbytes.)

Everything else are q22 cards and must go in qbus slots with no gaps. Since
interrupt priority is defined by position, the ordering is usually:
- sync serial comm
- ethernet
- async serial mux
- tape controller(s)
- disk controller(s)
If it's a workstation, the display card(s) are usually near the front (after
the comm cards?).

M7504 - deqna ethernet
M3104 - dhv11 serial mux
M8639, M7555 - RQDXn disk controllers
M7546 - tk50 controller

The comm cards and display cards have panel inserts and cabling to connect
the panel insert to the card (the cpu card also has a panel insert). The
tk50 controller connects directly to the drive with a single ribbon cable.
The disk controllers connect to a distribution panel with a single ribbon
cable. The drives connect to the distribution panel with two cables (1 for

The first 3 (or 4 for 12 slot in ba123) are qbus in the A-B slots and
cpu/memory interconnect in the C-D. The rest of the slots are qbus
in both A-B and C-D in a zigzag pattern:
	A-B	->	C-D
	C-D	->	A-B
	A-B	->	C-D
No gaps are allowed in the qbus. (You can use M9047 grant cards in blank

Hope this helps, rick