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Date: 03/07/1996 08:12:56
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> Hi,
>    Questions:
>    1) Does NetBSD support this machine yet?
> Yep, except I don't think there is a driver for the qvss display card yet.
> (There is a driver that was released with 4.4BSD-Lite, but it needs to be
>  tweaked to work with NetBSD. If you could get it going, I'm sure it would
>  make others happy:-)
>    I did get my hands on an old service manual, and it says that 'A'
>    means (among other things) that the machine is looking for the
>    keyboard and monitor. The machine does have a keyboard and monitor
>    connections on the back. 
>    Any way around this? Or do I have to buy a monitor and keyboard?
>    Which monitor and keyboards will work? Perhaps a ds2100 keyboard
>    with adaptor? Sigh.
> It is looking for a dec lk201 keyboard, aka a ds2100 keyboard will do the trick.
> (and maybe also a mouse, I'm not sure if there is a mouse self test or not.
>  I'm not sure what mouse you will need. The old qvss we had used a rectamgular
>  mouse DEC called a VS10X, but I'm not sure if all qvss cards required that
>  one.)
> Alternately, you can yank out the qvss display card, since you don't
> have driver support for it anyhow.
> The trick here is that you can't leave any empty slots (gaps) in a qbus,
> which means that you either have to move the rest of the boards up or replace
> the qvss with a couple of grant continuity cards. On that machine, the
> first three slots are qbus in the A-B slots, then the qbus zigzags starting
> on slot 4:
> 	slot 4	A-B	->	C-D
> 	     5	C-D	->	A-B
> 	     6	A-B	->	C-D
> 	and so on..
> Don't put a full width (quad) qbus board in the first three slots, but half
> width (dual) qbus boards (or grant continuity cards) are needed in the A-B
> side of the first three slots unless occupied by cpu or memory (fun eh!:-).
> Good luck with it, rick
> ps: Sorry, but I don't have the pinout for the qvss cable. If you need to
>     make up a cable, maybe someone else on the list can help.

Here is some information on the connection required for the BC18Z cable, the one that connects between a VaxStation II/GPX and VR290 monitor.

Description      DEC BC-18 Cable, DB15
Video Mouse &
                                  Keyboard RJ-11
Keyboard Transmit      Pin 15     Pin 1
Keyboard Receive       Pin 7      Pin 2
Keyboard Ground        Pin 14     Pin 3
Keyboard Power         Pin 8      Pin 4

                                  Mouse Mini din
Mouse Transmit         Pin 5      Pin 2
Mouse Receive          Pin 13     Pin 3
Mouse Ground           Pin 6      Pin 1
Mouse Power +5V        Pin 4      Pin 5
Mouse Power -20V       Pin 12     Pin 4
                                  Pins 6 & 7 No connection

Red video              Pin 9      Red BNC Center
Red ground             Pin 1      Red BNC shield
Green video            Pin 10     Green BNC Center
Green ground           Pin 2      Green BNC shield
Blue video             Pin 1      Blue BNC Center
Blue ground            Pin 3      Blue BNC shield