Subject: Re: VAX 11/750
To: Andre B. Skarzynski <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 03/01/1996 15:07:10
> I there. I have been rather quite recently, but I am still keen
> to get my DEC VAX 11/750 going. I have had problems in the past,
> and would like to know if there is any cahnce of someone cutting
> TU58 tape images to try. I really would like to get more invloved
> with development, but the only VAX at my disposal now is the
> 11/750.
I will soon create a new snapshot, that will also contain install
files for TU58. Nine of them is required to get the miniroot
onto disk. To load the rest of the system, you need something like
ethernet to get it on. To have the full system installed from TU58
would require about 300 of them :-)

-- Ragge