Subject: Re: Some Xmas info about VAX port status.
To: None <>
From: None <CRITCHSS@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu>
List: port-vax
Date: 12/29/1994 20:20:44
> From:	IN%""  "Anders Magnusson" 14-DEC-1994 03:04:28.08
> Subj:	Some Xmas info about VAX port status.

> I have been working a bit with VAX port lately, and there have been
> lots of progress. I wrote some processes that allocates much more 
> memory than is in machine and trashes memory totally, and it seems
> to run for ages (at least 2 days, then I stopped it :). But by some
> unknown reason something faults after a while if there are only 
> 2MB or less in machine, but it's not so important to fix that yet.
> Autoconfiguring of devices is next part to fix, I am working on that
> right now and most of it seem to function properly. 
> What is left to do now? Boot stuff must be written, and crt0 etc.
> userspace machine dependent things must be done...

If possible, could I get a copy of this. I am planning on getting a RA81 ina
day or two to help get myself up and started till my massbuss disks are
supported. I have a tk58 tape that was for getting 4.3bsd running. It has
/boot, /copy, and /format. Would these at least help me get it started, if I
could get NetBSD on a tu78 distribution tape like they did for 4.3.