Subject: Somewhat running kernel...
To: None <>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/25/1994 05:38:48
I have just finished some kernel hacking, and got an kernel that
runs for a while as result... Sources will be uploaded to sun-lamp
as soon as I can reach it (It's a long way from sweden to california :)
For those of you who wants to test a kernel I have just put
an vmunix, together with init and sh, in /pub/NetBSD/vaxport/bin
on To boot this you _must_ have an 4.3BSD system
running on an 11/750, and I recommend that you change /sbin/init
and /bin/sh to them I supplied. 4.3BSD Reno will work with them,
even if it thinks init acts strange. (4.3BSD passes parameters 
in registers, NetBSD on stack).

Hardware needed to boot:

11/750 with at least 3MB memory.
An UDA50 at adress 772150, 772550 or 777550.
An RA81 or something similar (MSCP).

I will probably be rather busy for a month or so (test period
here before chrismas), but I will read mail.