Subject: Re: Unifying Raw and block device major numbers for pmax and vax
To: Jonathan Stone <jonathan@DSG.Stanford.EDU>
From: Anders Magnusson <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/24/1994 01:25:47
> Hi,
> Whilst I'm not the pmax port maintainer, I seem to be the only person
> really hacking on the pmax port.  The official pmax port maintainer
> just committed an old change of mine, that makes the NetBSD pmax
> device numbers compatible with Ultrix device major numbers.
> These, in turn, are largely compatible with 4.3BSD device numbers,
> on vaxe hardware old enough to have run 4.3BSD.
I just checked with VAX Ultrix and I use the same device numbers
for things that are applicable, but I don't know anything about
MIPS Ultrix.

> I think it would be great to get the NetBSD conf.c device numbers for
> both pmax and vax ports closer together.  Ideally, they could even be
> shared. It would also be great if both ports could share configuration
> files and device driver code (e.g., for Qbus-based devices, or other
> on-board peripherals that DEC used on both platforms.)
That would be possible i think, but again, I don't know anything
about MIPS machines. Which type of them have Qbus?

> I can do the work for this on the pmax code.
> Is anyone working on the vax end  interested?
No problem for me, if I only know what to do. :)
DEC shares most device driver code, so why shouldn't we be able to 
do that? Though they use a wery different way to detect (T)MSCP
devices which i don't really like.
I think Alpha machines also can use MSCP devices, then we may
get something for free even there :)

-- Ragge