Subject: re: vax modules
From: Mike Umbricht <>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/06/1994 08:41:37
Here's a list of the 750 cpu modules.  Some of this info is from DECdirect.


------		---------------------------------------------------
L0001		Floating Point Accelerator
L0002		Data Path & Micro Sequencer
L0003		Memory Interface & Cache
L0003-YA	Cost Reduced Memory Interface
L0004		Unibus Interface
L0005		CCS - (KU750 option - UCS)
L0006		RDM - 11/750 Maint. Tool, 4-layer
L0007		Massbus Adaptor
L0008-YA	11/750 Patchable Control Store
L0008-YB	L0008-YA with 1K of WCS
L0009		CCI (CMI to CIPA Interface)
L0010		Unibus Interface (version #2)
L0011		Comet Memory Control
L0014		CMI Parallel Interface, Hex
L0016		64K Memory Control, 4-Layer Hex
L0022		256K Memory Control for MS750