Subject: Re: What is the current status of the 11/750 port?
To: None <>
From: None <CRITCHSS@ctrvax.Vanderbilt.Edu>
List: port-vax
Date: 11/06/1994 00:13:54
> From:	IN%""  "Jan Michael Rynning"  5-NOV-1994 02:04:44.24
> Subj:	RE: What is the current status of the 11/750 port?

> Steven Critchfield writes:
> > I am still new to vaxes, so I can only describe a little of what I know.
> > The controller sits in slot 7, and responds to hp(8,0),hp(8,1), and hp(8,2)
> > on the copy and format programs for 4.3bsd dist tape. Also it tries to boot
> > when given the command >>>b dbb0, So it would seem these are rm emulating.
> > I hope somebody can help id this peice of hardware.
> It's a MASSBUS emulating Emulex controller.  It sits in a slot which DEC
> uses for MASSBUS controllers and the disks respond to "hp", which is the
> BSD name for MASSBUS disks.  We had a VAX 11/750 with such a controller,
> but we gave it away to the University of Tartu, Estonia about a year ago.

Ooops, looks like I made a couple of mistakes. My emulex controller is in slot
8, and according to Standalone Backup for vms the eagles respond as drb0 and is
a rm05.

 If anybody could help me identify these boards I'd be very happy, and

     slot #    card edge number          What is this?
	1	empty
	2	L0002
	3	L0003
	4	L0004
	5	L0008  YA
	6	empty
	7	L0010                      Mem controller
	8	Emulex controller
	9	L0007
	10	L0016
	11-14	M8750  CP                  1 Meg Memory cards
	15-18	empty
	19-20	M9202
	21	M7521  AA                  DZ11
	22-25	empty
	26	M7455                     -----/---  uda50
	27	M7456                     ----/
	28	M9313  

Thanks in advance.
Steven Critchfield.