Subject: helping out
To: None <>
From: Charlie Root <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/25/1994 13:43:32

I am interested in helping out with the port. I have MicroVAXIIs (KA630 qbus)
and VAXstation 2000s (KA410) lying about to use. Way back when, I did a MicroVAX
port for 4.3, so I am pretty familiar with the KA630 and can probably help with
drivers or whatever.

From the little bit of mail I saw, it sounds like you need someone to do
Unibus/qbus stuff, so I could possibly work on that. (I don't have any Unibus
boxes, but still have the old 11/780 hardware manual.)

Is there a source tree, or should I just start from NetBSD-current?
Anyhow, let me know what you might want help with, rick
ps: I am away next week, but will read my email starting Mar. 7. And, yes,
    I am in the lazy habit of doing email as root.
    ( and go to the
     same place, me)