Subject: more vax discoveries
To: None <>
From: Adam Glass <>
List: port-vax
Date: 02/24/1994 16:53:06
In addition to the freed vax code in net2, there exists at least one
other source of free material, though it may require beating on some
people to get it.

Basically, the mach group at cmu did a good deal of work w/respect
to vaxes above and beyond the point at which CSRG went to find a new
platform (tahoe).

I've talked to Allesandro Forin (old mach ex-patriot) about the Mach
vax work. Concentrated how much of the stuff was free, particularly
things like the VAX pmap module (abstraction for memory management).
Apparently lots of this stuff is free, though not currently
distributed freely by cmu since you couldn't make anything out of it
w/o the non-free stuff.

Anyway, the people to bug over at the mach project are:

Mary Thompson <> about distribution and legal

Bob Baron <>  wrote a lot of device-drivers and locore.
David Golub <> re-did pmap module and locore.

Just to put this in perspective, at one point they had these platforms
	VAX 750, 780, 8600, 8650, 8800, 6200, Microvax II, III.

Adam Glass

ps. i'm not a vax whiz, just a netbsd porting enthusiast.