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Re: P4 on sun3/sun3x (Re: NetBSD/sun3 10.0_RC2 problems on sun 3/60)

romain@ wrote:

> > There's a specific tantalum capacitor in one corner of the logic board that *always* blows on the 3/80, and the suggestion I received from numerous people after mine blew was to just desolder the remnant and remove it, and not to bother replacing. I believe they said it's just a filter cap that only really matters if you have super-noisy power or something like that.
> Oh, that's good news. The one that blew is C1719 (closest to the angle
> with the PS connector), is that the one you're talking about?

Two tantalum caps on my 3/80 were also burnt in front of my eyes
about 15 year ago.

IIRC they were near the SCSI connector and I just replaced them
and the 3/80 is still alive.

The failure mode of tantalum caps is short mode and it could
happen even on short time over voltage, so if its PSU has proper
protection circuit, it's possible that "burning tantalum cap"
might not cause other damages.

Izumi Tsutsui

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