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Re: 4.0.1/sun3 broken?

> It is difficult to accomplish much with a 4MB RAM space.

It is, especially recently.  I now have the -3/60 I quoted the dmesg
from doing a diskless build of the world; I'll have to see whether
things are too bloated for it to complete in finite time.  I've also
got a NeXT slab which has other issues but which I may soon have
working similarly; it's got more RAM and, while the difference is not
large (the -3/60 has 24 megs, the NeXT, 32), it doesn't take much to
have a big effect if it makes the difference between thrashing and not.
For the purposes that prompted me to start on this, pretty much any 68k
NetBSD will do fine.

> But it was fun and I thank you again for your help.

Well, you're certainly welcome.  I'm glad you had fun.  That's really
the major reason to play with things like sun3s these days, after all.

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