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Ok, ok, Sun3 h/w ...

Ok, ok, several people have now responded.  It seems worthwhile for me
to take some time and stick everything on the bench for a detailed
inventory and basic testing.  I will do so and then post again with a
more detailed summary, pictures, part nos, whatever.  May take a few 
days, but I am motivated to get rid of what is now excess clutter...

I would be happy to test the gear with NetBSD and allow any interested
parties to log in, etc.  We have a FreeBSD 8 based NFS server available
(sorry NetBSD fans).  Does anyone have any idea how much trouble that'd
be to use to get an NFS diskless boot up and running?  The root disk 
that we had for the old Sun 3/60 was in the process of failing, and I 
have no confidence that knocking on it to get it spinning will work 

Nice to see Sun fans still out there after all these years.

... JG

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