Subject: Re: Binary packages for NetBSD/m68k 3.0 w/ pkgsrc-2006Q1
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 05/11/2006 10:00:18
Greg Oster <> wrote: 
> Tim & Alethea Larson writes:
> > What, no Mozilla?  :)  I've got to chuckle at the idea of using some of 
> > these on m68k...xscreensaver alone slows my box to a crawl.
> "I tried"... but it said something about not being available for m68k 
> boxes :-/

The contention on this (mac68k) list has been that the issue that once kept Mozilla/Firefox from running on m68k has been resolved by Mozilla no longer using the problematic modules.  I traced back through the makefiles (where it mentions m68k dumping core in the comments) and commented out the restriction so I could try to build.  Unfortunately I got a linking error (IIRC) late in the process.  I've been trying to find someone else that could confirm this.  This was discussed on port-mac68k in January, IIRC.  If we can confirm this, the package maintainer could update the makefiles.  Personally I'd be most interested in the firefox-gtk1 package, but if someone's successfully built the gtk2 packages, that would be fine too.

> I certainly didn't see any SCSI issues on either of the Q700's or my 
> SE/30.. and they got into some very heavy paging in those 40 days....
> (65MB processes on a 20MB machine isn't much fun :-} )

Hmmm, mac68k has had a number of reports of SCSI errors during heavy load.  This has kept me away from 3.0, since 2.1 seems very stable for me.

I have a Q840AV with 112MB and two drives that I use to build.
> > Is there anything special required to build generic m68k packages as 
> > opposed to mac68k/amiga/next68k/etc packages?
> Nope.

That's great!  So my personal archive ( could be useful to more people.

Tim & Alethea