Subject: 3/110 SCSI
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/30/2001 02:39:03
Hello James!

  JWB> The 3/110 CPU uses exactly the same memory boards as
     > the normal 3/1xx CPU (i.e. the Carrera).  So sayeth
     > the FEH.

Excellent news, now I just need to find an appropriate SCSI
host adaptor for it.

  JWB> No Sun-3 VME CPU had SCSI onboard. The only Sun-3's
     > with SCSI onboard were pizzabox units, for the
     > obvious reason that they were incapable of using
     > ...VME SCSI boards.

Put like that it does sound kind of obvious! <sheepish grin>

Hmm... is it perverse to use a 3/60 board as a file server
for a 3/110?  <grin>

  JWB> ...the only way to be sure may be to check the part
     > number...

Thanks for the spotter's guide, which I've filed away for
when I actually get to see the boards.  That comment about
the part numbers may not help in this case though, since
ComputerVision seem to have different part numbers.

  - Andy.