Subject: Re: SCSI mostly...
To: None <,>
From: None <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/30/2001 07:12:54
>I've seen pictures of them, and curious critters they look
>too.  As mentioned previously, I've been offered a 3/110
>'Prism' processor card, but it lacks on-board SCSI and is
>apparently incompatible with common 'Carrera' style memory
>boards.  I have no idea which SCSI cards it might work

   The 3/110 CPU uses exactly the same memory boards as the normal
3/1xx CPU (i.e. the Carrera). So sayeth the FEH.
   No Sun-3 VME CPU had SCSI onboard. The only Sun-3's with SCSI onboard
were pizzabox units, for the obvious reason that they were incapable of
using either the "Sun-2" (sc) or "Sun-3" (si) VME SCSI boards. Any Sun-3
VME CPU should be able to boot off of either with no problem. Free OS
support for the sc is limited (read: doesn't exist yet).

>There's a page in front of me now that suggests the Computer
>-Vision boards may be 'Sirius' style, 3/2x0 ish things.

   Quickie field guide to Sun-3's: :)

    + It has onboard SCSI:
	+ It has a P4 connector:
	    + It has a SCSI-2 connector: it's a 3/80.
	    + It has a DD50: it's either a 3/60 or a 3/60LE.
	    The 3/60LE doesn't have a mono framebuffer onboard, but neither
	    do a couple varieties of 3/60 proper, so the only way to be
	    sure may be to check the part number (the LE is 501-1378).
 	+ else no P4 connector: it's a 3/50.
    + else no onboard SCSI:
	+ it's 6U: it's a Sun-3/E
	+ else it's 9U:
	    + it has RAM onboard:
		+ it has 4BNC: it's a 3/110
		+ else no 4BNC (DB9 instead): it's a 3/1xx (Carrera)
	    + else no RAM onboard:
		+ it has a P4 connector: it's a 3/4xx
		+ else no P4 connector: it's a 3/2xx

   The 3/2xx and 3/4xx may also be distinguished by 68020 vs. 68030,
the presence or absense of a mono framebuffer onboard, and the single-wide
versus double-wide back panel (to provide a mounting for the P4 framebuffer).

   --James B.