Subject: Re: Various connectors
To: None <>
From: Greg A. Woods <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/29/2001 23:23:51
[ On Thursday, March 29, 2001 at 20:23:02 (-0500), Andy Ball wrote: ]
> Subject: Various connectors
> That's wierd!  As I understand it, VME only normally covers
> 3U with one DIN connector and 6U cards with one or two.  If
> P1 and P3 are VME, the fact they're further apart than is
> 'normal' for VME presumably prevents the use of standard 32
> -bit VME cards... I wonder if that was the intention?

Wonder no longer.  Sun made money on building custom adapter boards and
frames (take a look at any SCSI card, for example :-).

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