Subject: Various connections
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/29/2001 21:34:41
Hello James!

  JWB> I'd have to go dig up my docs and look at the actual
     > pin assignments to be 100% sure of exactly what's
     > where, but the general concept that P1 is primarily
     > VME, P2 is primarily Sun's private bus, and P3 is
     > primarily VME again, mostly power, is valid.

Thanks, my understanding of SUN 3 VME has come on in leaps
and bounds this evening!

  JWB> Whether two machines could coexist in a chassis is an
     > interesting question.

I do like to ask the interesting (read awkward) questions!

  JWB> would hinge on whether "slave mode" is purely a
     > hardware-level thing, invisible to the OS, or
     > requires that the OS make or not make certain
     > assumptions.

Makes me wish I had the kit to experiment with!

  JWB> I've heard rumors of clustering experiments using CPU
     > boards with onboard memory, speaking TCP/IP to each
     > other across the VME bus...

Very cool idea, definitely has 'hack value'!

  - Andy.