Subject: Cooling
To: None <>
From: Andy Ball <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/29/2001 20:23:35
Hello Mouse!

  AB> Is this VME, something proprietary, or just an
    > interesting way of getting power onto the board?  ;-)

  dM> Everything I've found on the subject indicates it's
    > the last of those, with the pinout being VME-
    > compatible as far as power goes.

Excellent news, thanks.

  dM> ...note also that it takes the back-panel space of two
    > boards).  I've got a -3/60 running this way right now
    > in a -3/260 cardcage (I have the -3/60 case, but I
    > trust cooling more in the -3/260 enclosure).

I imagine having the boards vertical assists convection
cooling, assuming there's free (or forced) airflow from
below, through the cage, and out the top.  Are cooling
problems common with 'wide pizza box' machines?

  dM> ...nothing but the -3/60 in it, so there's nothing for
    > it to communicate with.)

The 3/260's a 12 slot case isn't it?  No shortage of air
space in that one then!  :-)

  - Andy.