Subject: Re: ComputerVision SUN3 info...
To: Andy Ball <>
From: Michael Thompson <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/26/2001 12:33:32
Computervision bought the manufacturing rights to certain Sun3 boards. They
should be identical to the Sun boards except for the front panels and
ejector handles. With some minor modifications you should be able to
install them in a standard Sun chassis.

At 10:59 AM 3/26/01 -0500, Andy Ball wrote:
>Does anyone know if ComputerVision made their own boards, or
>re-badged SUN parts to sell their CAD software on?  I have
>been offered the following, and thought about running NetBSD
>on it, but wasn't sure how hard it would be to find the
>relevent information...
>966-00703  SUN 3 style CPU    I'm not sure if SCSI is
>966-00704  8Mb memory         provided on the processor card
>966-00285  SCSI host adaptor  <- perhaps I won't need this.
>More than one of each of these cards is available to me, but
>I'll probably have to buy or find a (9U?) cardframe, PSU and
>backplane.  Comments and observations are invited.
>  - Andy.

Michael Thompson