Subject: 1.5 installation trouble
To: None <>
From: Havard Eidnes <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 03/11/2001 02:22:37
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I and my office mate are trying to kick some life into a Sun3/60
machine we've just dusted off.  However, I'm not having much luck
with 1.5.  I've set up netboot, and I instruct the boot loader to
load the gunzipped version of binary/kernel/netbsd.RAMDISK.gz
(full boot log attached below).  The installation documentation
is however clear in specifying that the kernel is the only file
which should be required on the root file system, so that's
basically all the sun3 stuff we have in the specified root
directory at the moment (besides the miniroot image, of course).

The kernel loads OK, but the sequence ends with:

	panic: init died (signal 0, exit 1)
	syncing disks... done

I'm beginning to wonder whether there is actually a proper useful
ramdisk image implanted in this kernel.

I booted instead the 1.4.2 binary/kernel/netbsd-RAMDISK kernel,
and it apparently gets a little further along, but it still

	enabling interrupts
	 fixed, 512 blocksboot device: le0
	device md0 (0xd00) not configured
	root device (default md0a): 
	dump device (default md0b): 
	file system (default ffs): 
	root on md0a dumps on md0b
	WARNING: clock lost 751 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
	warning: no /dev/console

...and then it hangs.

The installation documentation is actually less than stellar
clear in indicating which kernel should be loaded to partition a
disk and to download the miniroot image.  Sometimes the kernel is
referred to as "netbsd-rd", sometimes as "RAM-disk kernel" and
sometimes as "RAMDISK kernel".  (We also had a bit of trouble
with the bootptab requirements for the "gateway" field; it's also
not particularly well documented -- we ended up UTSLing...)

A try with booting the netbsd.INSTALL kernel gets a little bit
further along, but it doesn't get there (presumably this kernel
assumes a fully populated root file system on the NFS server,
something I've not set up at the moment):

	boot device: le0
	root on le0
	nfs_boot: trying RARP (and RPC/bootparam)
	nfs_boot: client_addr=3D129.241.249.78 (RARP from
	nfs_boot: server_addr=3D129.241.249.70
	nfs_boot: gateway=3D129.241.249.65
	nfs_boot: my_mask=3D255.255.255.240
	root on
	WARNING: clock lost 1121 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
	root file system type: nfs
	warning: no /dev/console
	init: not found
	panic: no init
	syncing disks... done


Assistance will be highly appreciated.  If someone can provide me
with a netbsd.RAMDISK kernel which

 o is not dependent on any other files on the NFS server
 o can run disklabel and all the other tools required to load the
   miniroot into the B partition on the SCSI disk drive

it'd be much appreciated.

- H=E5vard

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>b le() -s
Boot: le(0,0,0) -s
Using IP Address = 81F1F94E
Booting from tftp server at = 81F1F946
Downloaded 18432 bytes from tftp server.

>> NetBSD netboot [$Revision: 1.7 $]
Using IP Address = 81F1F94E
net_open: client addr:
net_open: client name:
net_open: subnet mask:
net_open: net gateway:
net_open: server addr:
net_open: server path: /var/tmp
netboot: trying netbsd
netboot: trying netbsd.old
netboot: trying netbsd.sun3
filename? [netbsd]: netbsd.RAMDISK-1.5
netboot: loading netbsd.RAMDISK-1.5
Starting program at 0x4000
console is ttya
Copyright (c) 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000
    The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.  All rights reserved.
Copyright (c) 1982, 1986, 1989, 1991, 1993
    The Regents of the University of California.  All rights reserved.

NetBSD 1.5_ALPHA2 (RAMDISK) #0: Mon Sep 18 21:15:07 EDT 2000
Model: sun3 60
fpu: mc68881
total memory = 24576 KB
avail memory = 21560 KB
using 166 buffers containing 1328 KB of memory
mainbus0 (root)
obio0 at mainbus0
zsc0 at obio0 addr 0x0 ipl 6: (softpri 3)
kbd0 at zsc0 channel 0
zsc0:  channel 1 not configured
zsc1 at obio0 addr 0x20000 ipl 6: (softpri 3)
zstty0 at zsc1 channel 0 (console i/o)
                                      zstty1 at zsc1 channel 1
eeprom0 at obio0 addr 0x40000
clock0 at obio0 addr 0x60000 ipl 5
memerr0 at obio0 addr 0x80000 ipl 7: (Parity memory)
intreg0 at obio0 addr 0xa0000
le0 at obio0 addr 0x120000 ipl 3: address 08:00:20:00:f8:87
le0: 8 receive buffers, 2 transmit buffers
si0 at obio0 addr 0x140000 ipl 2: options=0xf
scsibus0 at si0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
enabling interrupts
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
sd0 at scsibus0 target 3 lun 0: <SEAGATE, ST32155N, 0532> SCSI2 0/direct fixed
sd0: 2049 MB, 4177 cyl, 8 head, 125 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 4197405 sectors
md0: internal 400K image area
boot device: le0
root on md0a dumps on md0b
WARNING: clock lost 948 days -- CHECK AND RESET THE DATE!
panic: init died (signal 0, exit 1)
syncing disks... done

dumping to dev 13,1 offset 16
 dump error=19
Kernel rebooting...

EEPROM boot,0,0) 
scsi: select failed

Device not found