Subject: Re: netboot question
To: Dimitri de Rooij <>
From: Brian <>
List: port-sun3
Date: 10/29/1998 08:31:17
On Thu, 29 Oct 1998, Dimitri de Rooij wrote:

> I'm trying to install my sun 3/260 via NFS also. This is what I
> understand of it:
> The client looks for a file D0D62D05 (the IP adres of the client machine
> in hex) on the server in the tftp directory. This file should be linked
> to the netboot program of netbsd.

yes, and this works for me.

> This program then loads the netbsd_rd kernel (I had to call it netbsd to
> get it working) via NFS.

right, I just made a link to it, and stuck it in the clients "root" on the
nfs server, and it boots netbsd-rd for me as well.

> Then answer the questions root device etc. with the standard values:
> md0, md1, ffs.

well, they default to md0a, md0b, ffs for me, but yes, I do this as well.

> Now the install program starts (this is where you get the FPU error).


> With the install prompt you can configure your disks (with edlabel) then
> initialise the le0 (with ifconfig), and mount the server directory where
> the miniroot exists via NFS.

I get no prompt.  It just sits their locked up.

> Now copy the miniroot to the swap partition (/dev/rsd0b) of your disk
> (with dd) and reboot the machine from the swap partition (b sd(0,0,1)
> -s).

I know how to do all this, once I am at the prompt :). The problem is, as
I said, I get locked up.

If I say "md0, none, ffs", it displays the welcome screen and leaves me

To view this message again, type: cat /.welcome
pid 3 killed: no floating point support

and it just hangs their.

So my question to the list is:

1. Does the netbsd require your 3/50 to have an fpu?
2. Did all 3/50's come with an FPU?

I may open mine tonight to see if their is one in the socket.  But if
netbsd doesn't *require* an fpu, and can use fpu emulation of some kind,
then the above message may just be an alert, and not really an error, but
then that would mean their is something else locking me up.

Of course if netbsd requires an FPU, then that is most likely what is
going on here, since that was the last message sent to the screen.

> I never got this far because I get a 'device not configured' error when
> I try edlabel or dd on /dev/rsd0c or /dev/rsd0b.
> Why you have problems with your FPU I don't know.
> Hope this helps a little bit.

Thanks for the help.


> -- 
> Grtz Dimitri

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